Ocean Industry Visual technology Advanced 3D/XR

We transform complex industrial products, processes and scenarios into intuitive design and visuals

The Visioneers


Jennipher Karlsson

UE4 environment artist and 3D generalist jennipher@oceanvisioneering.com

Jon Kåre Halstensen

Investor and chairman of the board

Vibeke Hanssen

CO-founder and board member

Mob: +47 957 31 345


Astrid Strand

Investor and board member


Ocean Visioneering

The Ocean Visioneering team has extended industry knowledge, network and experience.

Years of managing sales, marketing, communications and design for various industry clients gives us a strong knowledge of the market needs. 

The industry is now looking at how they can move activity to digital platforms to save the environment and to save costs, while enhancing the customer experience.

Together with leading brands from the ocean industries, we are currently developing the business metaverse CONVRS.

CONVRS is a virtual B2B expo platform, enabling sustainable branding and networking. There is a global need for new ways of interacting, and CONVRS will enhance the way we meet, brand our companies and build business relationships.


+47 95 28 82 88

Ocean Visioneering AS, Borgundvegen 340, 6009 Ålesund